FORUM RULES All must read. (updated Oct 2014)

*Please read the *RULES *
of the board first before posting.

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FORUM RULES All must read. (updated Oct 2014)

#1 Post by Su » Wed Apr 03, 2013 10:16

Please read before posting

Border Terrier World is a NONE Dog Selling /Buying Site

As breed admirers, we are not looking to promote the breed on this forum.
We just meet and chat about the breed in general
This forum is intended to be a fun meeting place for Border Terrier People from all over the world.
BTW Not a puppy selling site.

Main rules

1) No Requests for puppies or stud dogs

2) No Advertisments for puppies or studs

3) No links to any websites selling puppies

4)We prefer you not to post that you are looking to buy a Border Terrier Puppy. as that can be mistaken for a request!
Likewise,please no posting that you have a litter of puppies at home.
All such posts will be removed

5) Enjoy our forum HERE. Do not copy and paste our material into
emails to send to other people-
All posts in here are the copyright of the poster & are to stay in the forum & not be sent around the net to people.

6) This forum is totally puppy selling free :grin:

7) Private Messsages, Sorry these are switched off to maintain the integrity of the board as a none selling and buying board.

All members must have One user account only, under no circumstances must you have more that one ID, You are not allowed multi ID's on this board.

This is a members forum anyone found giving others their Password to access the site or certain folders within the site will also be removed, As will members sending non members information posted on the forum that non members do not have access to.

9) Be sure to respect other members points of view and keep any disagreements off the board   :tut: -Exchanges of opinion are fine as is debate just do not get personal.

10) Do not abuse or flame other members or their dogs.

11) No vulgarity or trolling   :tut: Trolls will be banned for life!

12) No comments please on named or identifiable dogs/kennels/judges :tut:


General Rule Guidelines

All *New Members* gain access to a few general folders, however to become a FULL member of Border Terrier World you must participate,
that means you must make posts or reply to posts.

Currently the requirement is a minimum of 3 initial posts.
Then you can apply to the 'FULL ACCESS ' group and gain full access to the board.
fully explained here

This is to stop lurkers, BTW is a member forum not a website, you become a MEMBER on joining and members need to participate!

It only needs the occasional posts maybe share some of your knowledge with others needing help -whatever,but you need join in to read the whole board! :grin:

If you have a problem with any remarks made on the board

I would appreciate it if you would please email me.

I reserve the right to remove any offending posts.

Do not join to spam.


Any one under 16yrs please  inform me on joining so we can make you a junior member :grin:

You will need to register to post on the forum using a valid email address to receive your activation email.

If you should have any difficulty registering

please email me


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