Getting puppies accepted after a Caesarian

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Getting puppies accepted after a Caesarian

#1 Post by Su » Mon Mar 02, 2009 8:17

Getting puppies accepted by their Dam after a Caesarian section From Kathy -

From Kathy
You need to get the puppies to suckle at least every 2 hours - and not leave them alone with mum in case she attacks them - some bitches never take to their pups when they have had a caesarian and when they wake up, try to kill them.

In addition to feeding them every 2 hours (either from her or using a puppy milk substitute), you must keep them warm - the room should be at a temperature of about 80 degrees for the 1st few weeks, as pups cannot regulate their own body heat. You could buy one of those puppy pads which you can heat in the microwave and they stay warm for about 4 hours - but make sure it is properly covered so the puppies cannot be burned by it.

As mum is not interested in the puppies at the moment, you will have to become surrogate mum - puppies cannot urinate and defecate without help - a bitch would feed them then she would lick them to make them perform the necessary - if you just feed them but do not clean them, they will become pretty poorly quite quickly - you must moisten a piece of cotton wool with warm water and take this over their genital area until they wee and poo.

Anyone breeding from a bitch should have puppy milk handy "just in case" it is needed. We use Lactol or Whelpi - if you do not have this, get some from your vet asap - you must get some from the emergency vet now if you do not have it, in case she has no milk.

It is important that you weigh all the puppies and keep a chart so you know if one or more are dropping too much weight - some puppies do lose a bit of birthweight in the first day or two, but they should then start to increase in weight every day.

The instruments you use to feed the pups must be totally sterile, as you would use sterile equipment to feed a new born baby.

Make sure you do not overfeed them at each sitting, as that could kill them - and ensure they take it into their tummy and not into their lungs - take it very slowly and only give them a little at a time - remember the size of their tummies. Only about 0.5ml or 1ml each time for the 1st day or two.

Speak to your vet - if they have experience of raising puppies without a mum, or if they know someone that does.

Rather than the puppy bottles, I use a very small syringe and depress it only a tiny bit at a time to drop the milk on to their tongues - sometimes if you use a bottle with a teat it is much more difficult to feed them without hurting them - either the hole in the teat is too big and they get too much at once, or it is too small and they become tired and drained quickly as they are sucking and not getting anything - I find it easier to just use a dropper and drop the milk onto their tongues in the early days.

I have had experience of this - my first litter - Kizzy had a ceasar and while she would suckle the pups if I held her down and put them to her, she would not clean them at all and we had to stop up, setting the alarm every 2 hours to feed the pups and clean them.

Many years later, we had one puppy who was 2 and 1/2 ounces born and I had to do the same for her....then in 2005, my bitch had a litter but she had no milk and I did 2 hourly feeds for 3 weeks.

Good luck - if you need to talk to me about it, to talk you through it, my number is 0191 3719405

PS - if you know all of the above already, sorry, but I was just worried about the welfare of the pups!

as to getting the mum to accept them, some go on to accept them with no problem and it is just important that you stay relaxed and do not force her to lick them - once you have fed them, offer them to her, with undercarriages up and she may start to clean up after them.

Stroke her and tell her she is a good girl, but if she seems too stressed out by them, never leave them alone together, as a bitch in stress can kill the pups, or harm them.

If you knew all this already, which I suppose you might if you have had other litters (I just saw you have working labs on another of your posts), then forgive all the detail - I have helped someone before when they had problems with their first litter (the bitch died giving birth) and the lady raised all apart from the smallest in the litter.

Let me know when you have read this please


From ED

Excellent advice from Kathy.
Unfortunately, especially if the bitch is a maiden and the whole litter were born by caesarean, she may not recognise the pups as hers.One of mine,Taz, had her first liier by C-section and she would have killed the pups. They were kept in a heated box next to her whelping box and put onto her evey 2 hours to suckle. She would allow this if I stroked her head. After 24hrs she would lick the pups behinds if I held them for her and eventually, after 5 very long days and nights, she accepted them fully and went on to become a great mother.
Her second litter also required a C-section (spayed at the same time) but it only took about 6 hours for her to accept them.
It's standard advice not to leave a bitch which has had a section alone with her pups AT ALL for at least 24 hours. Hopefully, with patience, you will get her to accept the pups.
Good luck.

from Elaine

Old fashioned idea which has worked for us- rub a pup with butter and hold it in your hand to her and allow the her to lick it all over. Talk quietly to her giving her a lot of encourgement and praise. If she licks and cleans the pup see if she will allow it to suckle  from her. If she accepts it repeat with the other pups, if she shows any aggression towards the pup remove it.


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